Projectes 9s

The PROJECTES 9S - ARCHITECTURE AND TOWN PLANNING OFFICE, based in La Massana, Andorra, was established in 2007 and offers services in architecture, town planning, interior design, consulting and the comprehensive management of projects.

PROJECTES 9S has a multidisciplinary team that made, designed and undertaken public and private projects of varying scales and has the capacity to manage projects from concept to completion while meeting deadlines and budgets.

In building and managing construction projects, PROJECTES 9S offers services of new construction, renovation, restoration of buildings and interior design projects. In town planning, it is involved in the drafting and management of partial and land readjustment plans.

PROJECTES 9S also provides comprehensive consulting and management services, feasibility studies, project audits, technical reports, appraisals and valuations of housing and land, certificates of habitability and accessibility or horizontal property, as well as other architectural services, including surveying, computer graphics and rendering.

The PROJECTES 9S portfolio includes residential architectural projects for single-family detached homes, apartment buildings, restoration projects, interior design projects, projects for public and private facilities, commercial premises and restaurants, and town planning projects.